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Royal Praline Company is one of our favorite clients – and it’s not just because they serve up some of the best pralines in the city! We helped Royal Praline Company build their first website all the way back in 2015. Recently we’ve completely revamped the website to have a more modern look and to add features that customers want while shopping online. Additionally we bring in new revenue every single month with their email marketing campaigns. 


increase web traffic

Website Design

While we remember their previous website fondly, it no longer had the modern look the company wanted. With the website refresh we still utilized WordPress – our favorite website platform – because it has the functionality that we needed to make the website even better for ecommerce shoppers. The new site puts the products front and center and makes it easy to browse and shop. 

Increased Traffic & Sales

Royal Praline isn’t alone in the New Orleans souvenir market, so they needed a way to attract new customers and get them to come back! We implemented a series of automated email marketing campaigns that increased revenue by over four hundred percent and incentivized customers to shop again and again.


increased email revenue

Email Marketing

One thing about New Orleans – once you visit you always want to return! With a large amount of Royal Praline Company’s clients being tourists we wanted a way to reengage these shoppers even after they’ve left their French Quarter shop. The email newsletter reengages shoppers and sends a taste of New Orleans to shoppers all over the country.

What Our Client Had to Say:


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