Get Online NOLA Wins National Award
Get Online NOLA Wins National Award | Best Web Design Concept Winner We are excited to share that Get Online NOLA has been honored with a prestigious Netty Award for “Best Web Design Concept”...
My Biggest Mistakes from 10 Years in Business
My Biggest Mistakes from 10 Years in Business | Picture this: It’s 2013, an art major turned accidental entrepreneur, armed with a passion for graphic design and web development, jumping headfirst into...
What’s the Difference Between PPC & SEO
What’s the Difference Between PPC & SEO | When planning a digital marketing strategy for your business you’ll need to decide on your approach: PPC, SEO, or both? With the ever-increasing importance...
How To Generate Leads Online
How To Generate Leads Online | If recent years have taught us anything about marketing, it’s that you can’t rely on in-person sales tactics. Networking events, trade shows, and even...

2024 Marketing Calendar

Businesses of all types know that promotions and marketing need to connect to people at the right place and time for them to take the next step in their sales journey. How do you get that timing just right? By tying your promotion to the events or holidays that your customers care about. To get […]

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What To Do Before Losing Google Universal Analytics

Google’s decision to phase out Universal Analytics in favor of GA4 marks a significant shift in how we approach website analytics. While this change has been met with a fair amount of criticism, the new GA4 analytics are a must as privacy regulations and internet legislation continues to change. In the shift from Universal Analytics […]

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How Your Company Culture Can Become a Marketing Tool

People like doing business with good companies. Nothing demonstrates a quality business better than happy staff and a positive culture. Developing a great company culture is worth shouting about, so why not use it as a marketing tool? Not only can it assist in attracting and retaining top-notch talent, but it can also help you […]

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Does Your Organization Qualify for 10,000 in FREE ad spend?

Nonprofit organizations are key to making our community a better place. At Get Online NOLA it has always been important for us to work with the nonprofit organizations that help our friends and neighbors. One of the hardest things for many nonprofits is getting their message out to a wider audience. With limited resources and […]

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What is website copy

What Is Website Copy? A Guide On Writing Your Website Text

In more than a decade of building websites for small businesses, we have repeatedly seen that the biggest challenge for our clients is creating website copy. The text and content on the website are the number one reason a website project slows down.  Copywriting for websites is a special skill, and we’ve got pros on […]

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A Numbers Game: How to Improve Your Business Online

In today’s digital age, business success often boils down to a numbers game. The more people who see your advertising, and then visit your website translates to more people ultimately becoming customers. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a small business owner just dipping your toes into the digital waters, understanding these numbers can make […]

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Get Online NOLA Grant Winners

One of our core values at Get Online NOLA is giving back to our community through marketing services, volunteering, and outreach. Starting in 2022 we wanted to do more to support this value, so we created the Get Online NOLA Grant. Every year we provide a free website to one small business or non-profit that […]

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Set up a google my business profile

How to Create a Google My Business Profile

Through the free Google My Business Profile tool, you’re given the ability to take charge of how your business appears on Google Search and Maps. Whether your customers need directions, business hours, general information, or anything in between, Google provides what they need to know about a business – as long as your business is […]

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What Are Golden Keywords in SEO?

When researching the best keywords for SEO it can be hard to narrow down your choices. This is where Golden keywords come into play. They’re the Goldilocks pick: not too hard, not too niche – just right. Identifying Golden Keywords can be simple or a little more subjective. Read on to learn more about types […]

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Glossary of Digital Advertising Terms

Digital advertising has revolutionized small business marketing. How? It makes reaching a new audience and customers easier than ever before. If you are brand new to digital marketing it can feel like learning a whole new language. In this comprehensive glossary of digital advertising terms, we’ve compiled a list of essential words or phrases you […]

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What Is The Difference Between Threads and Twitter

This summer we gained a shiny new competitor for Twitter: Threads. Owned by Meta, Threads is a Twitter-like, text-focused social media platform that is directly tied to your existing Instagram account. So, what is the difference between Threads and Twitter? And do you really need another social media platform? Let’s dig in. You Didn’t Forget […]

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2023 Marketing Calendar

Businesses of all types know that promotions and marketing needs to connect to people at the right place and time in order for them to take the next step in their sales journey. How do you get that timing just right? By tying your promotion to the events or holidays that your customers care about. […]

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Why Do I Need An Accessible Website?

An accessible website isn’t just required by law, it’s simply the right thing to do. But an accessible online presence is also good for your business’s bottom line. Roughly 26% of adults in the US report having a disability that could affect how they interact with your website and social media. Providing an accessible online […]

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New Orleans Business Women’s Organizations and Career Tips

New Orleans has no shortage of professional networking groups that can help inspire, teach, and grow women in business. As a woman-owned company, we know firsthand just how helpful these professional organizations can be! In honor of Women’s History Month, and International Women’s Day we asked leaders of women’s networking groups in New Orleans for […]

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Why Online Reviews Are Important for Your Business

Researching a business online before making a purchase is part of our day to day lives. Think back, when is the last time you bought something without looking it up online first? We browse through Yelp before picking restaurants, we scan articles before buying new tech, we’ve all made it a habit to look up […]

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6 Unique Ideas To Spread Holiday Cheer

We know it’s not actually feeling festive yet, but the earlier you make holiday marketing plans for your business, the less stress you’ll feel as the holiday season approaches, trust us. Holiday planning is one of the most enjoyable times of the year for us at Get Online NOLA as we get to reflect on […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Website that Converts

Updated March 28, 2024 The time when a business could get by without a website, or with a just-okay website is long gone. Now businesses of all shapes and sizes need to have a strong online presence to get (and keep) customers! Building a website that converts is an art and a science, and one […]

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You need a NAP (for Good SEO)

What Is My NAP Score And Why It Matters Googling a local business has become so commonplace that we don’t think much about it! But, there is a seriously complicated algorithm that kicks into gear each time you make a search. Getting your preferred search engine to display your information is a science, and one […]

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Outsourcing Social Media

Social media is beneficial for any and every business. Whether you’re increasing brand exposure, making a sale, or generating leads, an active social media presence can help you connect with your customers. But, social media can be a huge time expense especially if you’re single-handedly running a small business or you are part of a […]

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Get Online NOLA named one of the Top Performing SEO Companies in New Orleans by

According to Google, 97% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses.* With the increase in people’s dependence on technology, we all expect to be able to find a fully functional website with all the products, services, and other information about your business in just a few clicks. This means that having an […]

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How-To Create a Social Media Content Calendar

The elusive social media algorithms keep changing, making it more confusing and harder to reach your audience every day. One thing we know for sure is that staying consistent and posting as often as you can helps your audience connect with you online. But, that doesn’t mean it always happens, especially for busy small businesses! […]

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How Long Does It Take to Build A Website?

A month. A quarter. A year. It all depends… As web designers, “How long does it take to build a website?” is one of the most common questions we get. Building a custom website from the ground up takes time. Though most professional web designers and developers know roughly how long it will take them […]

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The Difference Between User Flow vs User Journey

We won’t lie, the UX Design process is complex. Creating pages for your website doesn’t always produce the results you want if you don’t start with a clear plan. So before you design your new website, product or app, you should know your user and their intent. Understanding the difference between user flow vs user […]

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Why WordPress is the Best Site Builder for Small Business

HTML, CSS, SEO/SEM, not your forte? Trust us, we get it! Previously to create a website, you needed to know how to code or pay a programmer to make a website for you. Today, you can use a website builder to build a website from scratch without all of those skills. But, choosing the best […]

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How To Do Local SEO

46% of Google searches are seeking local information.* Do you want to rank your local business on search engines like Google and Bing? In today’s market, the success of your local business relies on the success of your local SEO strategy. To help optimize your business for Local SEO, we’re breaking down the best practices, […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Event Marketing

Warmer weather means it’s officially festival season. Event marketing is a great resource for businesses to get their product or service in front of both locals and tourists. Marketing at an event does take quite a lot of planning, however! To get the most out of your budget and to foolproof your operations, keep on […]

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small business resources in New Orleans

Local Small Business Resources in New Orleans

Starting a business can be both fun and stressful, but know that you’re not alone Help is readily available to make running your business easier! There are numerous small business resources available to you in the New Orleans area to help assist you and offer support. If you aren’t sure where to find them, we’ve […]

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Branding Where To Start

When you’ve just had a great idea to start a business, it can be tempting to run full steam ahead! The excitement of a new venture can be a great motivator for getting things done, but we always advocate for taking a breather, stepping back for a second, and taking the time to make informed […]

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Why Your Small Business Needs E-Commerce

Over time, more and more of us do our shopping online. Everything from groceries to bespoke goods can be purchased in just a few clicks! Proponents of online shopping all say that the time savings and greater scope of options online are why they prefer to shop digitally. Online shopping is a huge benefit to […]

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Market research for small business

How To Do Market Research For Small Business

Inspiration has struck and you’ve just dreamed up the next big thing! Way to go! As a small business, we love when new businesses are getting started. It’s hard work, but ultimately so worth it. We know that building a business, or expanding your current business is super exciting! Not to burst your bubble though, […]

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AVA Digital Awards Winner

We’re proud to announce our design of the new MorrisAnderson website has won Gold-level placement in the 2019 AVA Digital Awards. We also received an honorable mention for our redesign of the Techniques International website. The MorrisAnderson website won this honor in the business-to-business sub-category, under the Web-Based Production | Website category. The Techniques International website was recognized in […]

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What is a mood board?

What is a Mood Board?

Not a mood swing. Not a mood ring. It’s a mood board. A mood board is basically a “visual brainstorm” that is used as a starting point in the design process. It allows the designer to gather their thoughts and begin to develop their concepts. A mood board is typically a collage that consists of […]

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Business branding helps your clients remember you

All About Business Branding With Promo Gear

To stand out in a digital world, you need great business branding. Especially for businesses with digital products (Hi there! That’s us too!) having an established branding guide is essential. It’s more than just keeping your colors and fonts consistent. Your branding touches every component of your marketing including promotional gear and other physical goods […]

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SSL certificate

Why You Need An SSL Certificate For Your Website

The website buzzword of the year is SSL Certificate. Most people who have a website have probably heard of the term SSL but may not know why is it important all the sudden. Suffice to say that when Google lays down the law about something on the web, it’s a good idea to follow along […]

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How to make a facebook audience for ads

Building A Facebook Audience For Advertising (Tutorial) + Free Worksheet

Facebook is one of the best places for small businesses to reach their customers. Whether it’s staying connected with your current fans or reaching out to new ones, Facebook is the place to be. Over three billion people use Facebook monthly so chances are your audience is there too. Using ads to connect with your […]

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Email Marketing For Small Business

If we were the betting type we’d wager that nearly every single one of your clients has an email account. Not all of them will be on Facebook, fewer on Instagram or Twitter. But odds are they have an email address that they check regularly. In fact, there are more email users than Facebook and […]

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Digital Reputation Management For Small Businesses

The sales cycle is 22 percent longer now than it was 5 years ago. Why? Because in 2018 people are taking the time to research online before they buy. The days of buying almost anything without researching it first are long gone. This change affects nearly every business, including low-cost, low-risk products, as well as […]

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How To: Customer Persona Creation For Small Businesses + Free Worksheet!

As a small business, marketing can be particularly tricky. If you’re going at it yourself with a small budget, it’s critically important that your resources are used as effectively as possible. One of the most helpful tools that we use every day in marketing for our clients is the customer persona. We use customer personas […]

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Glossary of Internet Terms

Internet words and phrases used can take some getting used to. Even web veterans need to google what “WYSIWYG” stands for every now and again. We’re sharing all the internet terms and phrases we use to help demystify the tech talk.

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Anatomy of a Healthy Website

Website best practices checklist for a healthy website: Your website is your number one marketing asset, so a well made website is integral to the success of your business. Check out our website best practices checklist and give your site a check-up! 1. Have a Clear Call to Action Your audience won’t likely sit down to read […]

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How To Perfect Your Elevator Pitch Off and Online + Free Workbook!

All relationships (including business relationships) start with an introduction. Making sure you nail that first interaction can help you become memorable to the person you just met. Fumbling for words, or not being able to succinctly explain who you are and what you do can not only make for an awkward interaction but can reflect […]

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coworking spaces in lafayette

Coworking Spaces in Lafayette + A Few Tips

Because of the overwhelming popularity of our Coworking Spaces in New Orleans post, we’re highlighting the top Coworking Spaces in Lafayette! There are so many benefits to working in an open office space. With the increasingly popular trend of working remotely, entrepreneurs often find more productivity in greater numbers, feeding off of the creativity and motivation […]

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Get Online NOLA Office Pranks

8 Hilarious April Fools Office Pranks (That Won’t Get You Fired)

Let’s be honest, life is stressful. April 1st is one of the only days a year where you’re allowed to let loose and have a little fun with some April Fools Office Pranks. The pranking tradition is globally celebrated, with the first correlation between foolishness and the date April 1st in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, written in […]

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Wendy’s Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey & Saugage Gumbo Recipe

When you’re born raised in Cajun Country, and come from a family who loves to cook, Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Gumbo becomes a staple holiday tradition. This year, I decided to share my Turkey and Sausage Gumbo recipe with y’all to bring a little Cajun love to your table. My family takes a lot of pride in […]

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The Benefits of Shared Coworking Spaces in New Orleans

Self-employment is on the rise. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics by 2020, about 65 million Americans will be entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent contractors and temps – and they will make up 40 percent of the workforce. As telecommuting and freelancing become more common, coworking spaces in New Orleans are turning into a viable alternative to […]

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The Email Marketing Advantage for Small Businesses

Deciding where to invest your marketing dollars is a decision you can’t take lightly, especially if you are a small business owner. You need to attract new customers and keep your existing clients coming back, but you can’t afford to invest time or resources into something that isn’t going to deliver the results you expect. For small businesses […]

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Password Tips for a Safer Web

The hassle of managing passwords is a side effect if the digital revolution that I could do without. Password problems have long been on my mind, and yesterday’s “catastrophic security breach”of internet security due to a bug called Heartbleed is just the kick in the butt I needed to tighten up my passwords. Read on for a tip that will help keep your passwords strong, secure, and memorable.

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Productivity Boosting Apps and Software

Running or being a part of a small and growing business is a balancing act. It’s important to keep overhead low, yet still providing and using resources that help keep productivity high. Here at Get Online NOLA, we’ve tried many apps to help with our productivity, abandoned some, modified others to suit our needs, and […]

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Search Engine Optimization (otherwise known as SEO) ensures your website is in tip-top shape to make it to the top of the search results. To put it simply: SEO makes your website look great to search engines, so you can show off your business to potential customers.

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