A Huge Upgrade for A Health & Safety Nonprofit

AgriSafe Network is a non-profit organization founded by rural nurses who wanted to improve the health and safety of local farmers and ranchers. Today, they’ve expanded to helping farmers and ranchers as well as health and safety professionals understand and boost agricultural health care. The old AgriSafe website was out of date, difficult to use, and didn’t include all of the functionality they wanted in order to help their communities. As a website that deals with health and safety, it’s key that users are able to find what they need quickly and easily.

Website Design

To make sure that the new AgriSafe Network website delivered its content effectively for their varied users, we started with a full and detailed examination of their user experience and strategy needs. This helped us to understand the desired actions of their users, and build a sitemap that helps people to find the content they need. 

We used this information to build a customized website that is fully mobile-friendly – a must for their users. The new website design is modern, easy to navigate, and reflects the positive impact they have on their community.

Loved working with the GON Team! – Sarah Dauterive, AgriSafe

For This Custom Website…

We built a customized educational resource function with a menu that makes it much easier to navigate than their previous website. The site also includes the following:

  • Mustom events calendar
  • Member directory with login, internal messaging, and forum
  • Custom map locating healthcare resources
  • Professional SEO software and research to ensure users are able to find the site

What Our Client Had to Say:


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