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Get Online NOLA loves working with nonprofit organizations that support our community and people in need across the nation. We can build a website and marketing strategy that makes it as easy as possible for the people you support in your organization. From distributing data to increasing donations we help ensure your website and digital marketing is doing its job.


The average return for nonprofit search ads is 275%

Website Design for AgriSafe

AgriSafe Network is a national non-profit organization founded by rural nurses who wanted to improve the health and safety of local farmers and ranchers. With an expanding list of programs and services, AgriSafe needed to make it easier to find farmers and to share their crucial information. We built a custom website that is modern and connects seamlessly with their online learning platform. Users love that it’s easy to navigate, and reflects the positive impact this charity has on their community.

Hogs for the Cause

With the exciting growth of their organization, Hogs For The Cause needed their website to evolve. This charity hired us to help jump-start their nationwide grant and crowdfunding efforts with a new custom website. The interactive map and clear navigation make it easy for Hogs For The Cause to demonstrate their impact and raise money for children battling brain cancer.

Mid-City Neighborhood Organization

The Mid-City Neighborhood Organization (MCNO) is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the quality of life for all residents of Mid-City New Orleans. With several current and past Mid-City residents on our team, we know just how important their work is for the neighborhood. Their new modern website and a custom automated email program allow MCNO to reach their community with ease.

Jewish Family Services of New Orleans

We’ve worked with JFS for more than 7 years! Jewish Family Services of New Orleans first came to us with an outdated website that was no longer serving their community. We built them a new site that they are able to keep updated with news and events throughout the year. We also run their digital ads. Utilizing a Google Ads Grant, we help bring in new donations and spread the word about their many services. Since taking over the Grant account we’ve increased the free Google budget by 700%!

Jericho Housing Association

Jericho Road Episcopal Housing Initiative provides a crucial service to New Orleans. With the growth of their organization, they needed a new website that could showcase their affordable housing for sale, help fundraise, and demonstrate their impact.

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