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Coworking Spaces in Lafayette + A Few Tips

coworking spaces in lafayette

Because of the overwhelming popularity of our Coworking Spaces in New Orleans post, we’re highlighting the top Coworking Spaces in Lafayette!

There are so many benefits to working in an open office space. With the increasingly popular trend of working remotely, entrepreneurs often find more productivity in greater numbers, feeding off of the creativity and motivation of other like-minded entrepreneurs. Before introducing some of the coworking spaces in Lafayette, here are a few tips to ensure you get the most out of working in a coworking environment:

1. Network

Hands down, this is the number one reason to participate! Networking in a shared office space allows for some perspectives you may not have normally considered. Make the most of using a shared space by utilizing the wealth of knowledge from your coworking neighbors.

2. Stay Focused

It’s easy to stray from your work priorities when there is so much excitement and potential in the air! Choose a space where you are able to get away and use the knowledge collected from networking and translate that into something workable for your own personal use. Don’t forget your headphones!

3. Bring Swag

I mean, definitely bring your A-Game, but I’m talking about promotional products here. It’s no secret that people in an office setting use office supplies, so drop off some pens and post-its in the break room. It couldn’t hurt!

Co-Working Space in Lafayette, Louisiana



The Opportunity Machine has served the entrepreneurial community of Lafayette since 2009, making it one of the most well-established Coworking Spaces in Lafayette. They focus on accelerating and incubating rapid-growth startups in addition to their original goal as a tech incubation program. They provide one-on-one counseling, mentorships, technology access as well as a communal office area. Memberships are offered to individuals seeking coworking spaces, private desks, access only to training services, and student memberships. Costs vary, depending on membership, but spaces start at about $49/month.

Do you have some coworking spaces or tips you’d like to contribute?

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