You need a NAP (for Good SEO)

What Is My NAP Score And Why It Matters

Googling a local business has become so commonplace that we don’t think much about it! But, there is a seriously complicated algorithm that kicks into gear each time you make a search. Getting your preferred search engine to display your information is a science, and one big component is an accurate NAP!

What Does NAP Mean?

NAP simply stands for your business’s Name, Address, and Phone number. It’s important when working on boosting your business presence online that all of these are accurate and consistent across the web.

What Is A NAP Score Ranking?

The NAP score looks at how consistent your business is in these critical areas across the web. This means that little changes between your Google My Business listing and your Yelp listing could negatively affect your overall rankings.

Why Does It Matter?

Google and other search engines have a complicated algorithm to show results for a search. When someone is searching for a particular type of business in an area, Google is going to do its best to only show businesses that it thinks are legitimate. Google likely cross-references your NAP information from various sources to ensure that your business is a good result to show for the person’s search. All of this is wrapped up in “Local SEO” – to learn more about Local SEO, read our detailed blog post!

If your NAP information is inconsistent on various websites, it is going to hurt your results! This is one of the most important reasons to have a consistent NAP. The other key reason is to ensure you don’t confuse a potential customer. An incorrect, outdated, or mistyped address or phone number may turn away a potential customer, or leave them frustrated and thinking poorly of your business.

Try It Out!

Do you know what your NAP visibility score looks like? We have a simple way to test it out below. Simply type in your business name and your zip code to get started, we’ll do the rest and generate a free Local SEO report that includes your NAP score!

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How Can I Improve My NAP Score?

Getting a better NAP score means consolidating your digital information, ensuring it’s all the same and accurate across the web. This is more than updating your Facebook and Google My Business accounts. It includes everything online, even directories you may not have signed up for yourself like Yellow Pages, InfoUSA, local chambers of commerce, the BBB, industry-specific directories, and more. 

It could take an extraordinary amount of time to find and update all of these directories! This is why we offer our Listing Amplifier service. We make sure that your business is consistent online so you don’t have to. 
This service is just $45/month with a one-time setup fee of $100 (12-month contract required). Additional industry-specific packages for Medical and Legal are an additional $5 per month. Click the button below and contact us today to see how improving your NAP score can improve your digital presence!

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